Working Title: On the Road to Lisbon

Genre: Historical Sports Drama

Logline: Based on a true story, a group of young Glaswegian lads overcome misadventures on their epic journey to reach Lisbon for the European Cup Final between Celtic and Inter Milan. A feel-good story rich in humour, suspense and nostalgia it has significant commercial potential. Celtic have a global fan base of 9 million people including one million in Canada and the USA and boast some high profile supporters including Gerard Butler, James McAvoy, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna. 

Status: Fully developed script.

Working Title: The Cherry Bowl

Genre: Period Thriller

Logline: A colourful gangster expands his Kings Road protection racket while pursuing a glam rock music career. Fluttering through the top levels of fashionable society including an ongoing affair with a promiscuous Royal, an alliance with a dominant east-end crime family plunges him into a seedy underworld of rent boys, child sexploitation and murder that forces him to make a choice between compliance or resistance, between high level protection or a mission to bring down a paedophile sex ring that leads all the way to the very top. 

Status: First draft screenplay completed with Martin Askew whose writing credits include My is Lenny (about his notorious uncle, Lenny McLean) and whose producing credits include RocknRolla for Guy Richie. 

Working Title: Expert Evidence

Genre: Crime

Format: 6-episode doc series

Logline: An expose of the UK's most prolific and dangerous organised criminals and how they are brought to justice using expert forensic, digital and data evidence.

Status: Full research carried out, contributors secured and the key contact is an expert on UK and international organised crime and former head of the UK's FBI equivalent, the National Crime Agency.

Working Title: Profumo - A Black Scandal

Genre: Period Thriller

Logline: The remarkable true story of a Caribbean jazz promotor Johnny Edgecombe who travelled from Antigua as a young boy in search of his father and made his way to London where he became a fixer in groovy Notting Hill and Soho but found himself entangled in the life and death Profumo scandal after falling for socialite Christine Keeler. A thriller which sheds light on the injustices perpetrated by the 1960s establishment on the black community and how Johnny was one of the scapegoats of this cold war conspiracy including espionage and political intrigue. His story has never been told.

Status: This has been developed as a treatment by the late Barrie O'Keeffe, well known for crime classic, The Long Good Friday, and the police brutality drama SUS.

Working Title: County Lines

Genre: Fantasy

Logline: An impressionable small town teenager is burdened with debt and servitude when he gets involved with a Bradford drug gang. When they decide to make an example of him he leads them on a wild chase through the Yorkshire Dales but it is only when he stumbles into a ring of mushrooms that reality folds in on him. A film where social realism collides with magic realism, where county lines criminal gangs collide with ancient faeriy lines and portals into parallel dimensions. 

Status: Treatment.

Working Title: Son of the Morning

Genre: Horror/Martial Arts

Logline: A supernatural Rast organisation send their best kung fu dreadlocked warrior, Jacob, on a mission to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant, which has been stolen from an ancient Ethiopian chapel by a shadowy Illuminati sect intent on exploiting the power of the Covenant to impose a fascist new world order. Jacob must use his cover as a hot new reggae artist to infiltrate the top levels of the music and entertainment industry to intercept the vampire puppet masters and save humanity. In doing so he draws upon an international collective of Rasta bredren and sistren - from Tel Aviv to Tokyo, Kingston to Long Beach as he battles the overwhelming forces of darkness. Could star an international reggae artist such Chronixx, exciting new music and the hottest names in hip hop and urban music.  

Status: Treatment.